Rich Capital Concepts Organization

Washington, DC


Rich Capital Concepts Organization

Nonprofit in Washington, D.C.

Impacting Youth for a better Tomorrow!


Youth Internships

20 Washington DC inner-city youth intern for 6 weeks at our organization every summer.  In their internships they learn entrepunuership skills, soft skills, interview skills, farmers market operations and civic engagement.

By engaging these inner city youth we provide them with educational and cultural programming that they would otherwise go without in the summer months when they are out of school.  We also see our youth engagement strategy as a means to combat juvenile delinquency, juvenile petty crime, juvenile pregnancies and early high school dropouts.  As we increase our youth engagement programs to touch more lives of deserving inner city youth, we plan to be a catalyst in ensuring youth have a fair shot to a great future in DC or any other place they settle as adults.  

Our youth are not just our future, they are our present.

If a child or youth you raise or know needs Community Service hours, afterschool programming, summer job or summer camp contact us to inquire about our youth programming.

If you are a business, professional, nonprofit or government agency and you would like more information about supporting or partnering for youth programming contact us for partnership information.  

"Faith, Hope & Charity"

Youth Engagment

A staple of our organization since 1974 has been to engage DC inner-city youth with dynamic educational and cultural experiences to expose them to subjects, skills & information that they normally would not receive in the traditional school setting.  

Afterschool Programs & Summer Camps

Coming Soon!  We are currently working on   launching youth afterschool and summer camp programming for DC inner-city youth. 

If you have a program or profession that you would like to partner with us for youth engagement please contact us with more details for partnership opportunities.