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Rich Capital Concepts Organization

Nonprofit in Washington, D.C.

Community Development

DC Affordable Housing


We are committed to transforming neighborhoods in Washington, D.C. into thriving communities through community development.  Our focus is affordable housing developments, developer consultation and urban planning.  Using the community as our backbone, our projects will look to spur not only housing security but economic development, health and youth development to ensure the community we develop in has access to multiple ways to improve their lives.  Join us as we increase the number of affordable housing units in Washington DC, with a focus on ensuring multifamily housing is included in as many of our projects as possible.  

Community Development


Since 1974 we have been committed to developing communities.  From 1970's - 1990's we played an integral role in developing the Bloomingdale N.W. community D.C.  Our state of the art community center was a hub for combatting juvenile delinquency, spurring economic development, attracting new business/developers to the neighborhood( including  XM Radio, People's Building at  North Capital & rehab of old Hechts warehouse) and building a community filled with faith, hope in charity in a time where crime was at an all time high in the D.C. area.  Now 20 years later we are back with a extreme focus on using our community development initiatives to uplift and transform communities in the Ward 5, Ward 7 & Ward 8.  Join us as a community consultant, government liaison, contractor,  corporation, nonprofit partner, private investor, public investor,  volunteer, landowner/ homeowner, DC resident or a  interested supporter who is ready to transform D.C. communities into the best communities they can be!

Have Land or House that You Want To Develop?


Community development starts with you!  Do you have an house, building or empty lot that needs an upgrade or are you looking for ways to increase passive income or property value?  Contact us to see if our community development team can assist you with developing your property through our nonprofit organization.  We provide project planning, development, creative funding options & property management assistance for your project success.  Contact us today for a consultation.

Community Development Workshops


In 2020, we will be hosting community development workshops in Ward 5, Ward 7 & Ward 8.    This is an ideal way to learn more about our community development efforts, affordable housing information and ways to get involved with community development in D.C.  Check our website periodically for our next workshop date or send us an email requesting to be added to our invite list.